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About Nutrition Kitchen

We’re passionate about flavour!
With a professional background in Personal Training, we’ve watched countless clients suffer their way through sad, tasteless and ineffective fad diets and we can’t stand by and watch it anymore. Food is one of the greatest enjoyments in life and it’s something that no one should sacrifice on.
That’s why we’re in the business of putting flavour back into healthy eating, by sourcing the very best local ingredients to deliver a wide range of fresh, flavoursome and nutritious chef-cooked meals straight to your door.
No matter how hectic your life is, never sacrifice on flavour.

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Hong Kong:
1-week plan - Save HK$100
4-week package - Save HK$300
8-week package - Save HK$600
12-week package - Save HK$900

S$26 off first order (can only be used once)
S$20 off for every order thereafter
Promo Code Required

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