The Flexi Group is committed to complying with Whistleblowing regulations to ensure the business conducts itself ethically, honestly, and socially responsibly. 

The Flexi Group aims to create a transparent workplace culture that encourages employees and individuals to raise concerns and suggestions or request help and support from the management team. All concerns, suggestions, and requests for help and support will be taken seriously, treated fairly, and discretionary.

This policy applies to every level at The Flexi Group. It extends to all partners, employees (including full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, casual, and those on probation), interns, contractors, members, and other non-employees. It extends to the entire lifecycle of the employment relationship. It extends outside the offices of The Flexi Group, such as during business travel, social events, electronic communication, and off-site meetings. 


Whistleblowing refers to the term used when an individual highlights or discloses information concerning wrongdoing deemed immoral, illegal, fraudulent, unsafe, or illicit and passes this information for appropriate action to be taken.

Wrongdoing typically will be something that an employee or individual has witnessed another individual in the act of:

The Flexi Group takes a zero-tolerance approach to any of the poor behavior listed above and wishes to maintain a level of professionalism, integrity, fairness, and safety in all our relationships and business dealings. The above can be punishable by law enforcement and can seriously damage our reputation as a business and all individuals involved; therefore, we take our legal responsibility seriously.


At The Flexi Group, we actively encourage everyone to be aware of any wrongdoing within the business and to come forward and report the act that they have witnessed or believe is taking place, in the sight of public interest.

The person will be protected, regardless of the outcome of the investigation. They will not be subjected to victimization, dismissed, or desired in any way because they have made a disclosure.

The report of the wrongdoing(s) should include the following information: 


The Flexi Group is committed to ensuring that all investigations are conducted in a timely manner and that any complaint or incident in the workplace will be taken seriously and conducted to a high level. They are committed to taking action to begin the process of the investigation within five (5) working days. 

The person raising the concern can, if they wish, remain anonymous; however, we must emphasise that this will mean that the Whistleblowing champions will not be able to reach out to gain information, which may hinder the process of the investigation. 

Regardless of whether the person raising the concern wishes to remain anonymous or not, their identity will not be disclosed without their consent unless there are legal reasons that require their identity to be revealed. This may be if there is a possible criminal offense or a person at risk of harm, in which case The Flexi Group may have to inform the police or official governing bodies but will inform the individual. 

The person raising the concern has the right to be accompanied by a friend, coworker, or family member during the investigation and should inform the person conducting the investigation before the meeting. 

An investigation of any verbal or written complaint, knowledge, or information of suspected wrongdoing will commence immediately, completed as soon as possible (generally within 90 days or less unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, complex investigation) warranting a more prolonged investigation). It will be confidential to the extent possible. All persons involved, which includes witnesses and the alleged, will be a part of the process and conducted in a fair and impartial investigation. 

Investigations will involve the following steps. However, the process may vary from case to case:

Confidential Information about complaints and incidents shall remain undisclosed. Information obtained about an incident or complaint of wrongdoing, including identifying information about any individuals involved, will not be divulged unless disclosure is necessary to protect the person, investigate the complaint or incident, take corrective action, or otherwise, as required by law. 

Once the investigation is complete, a report will be produced, and a conclusion, which will be objective and evidence-based, will be drawn. An appropriate action plan will be put into place, learnings will be concluded, and preventative measures will be taken. 

If the identity of the person raising the concern has been reviewed and contact information has been made available, the person will be kept updated with the progress and outcome of the investigation within a reasonable amount of time. 

If, for whatever reason, the person who raised the concern is not happy with the outcome and subsequent action taken, they can directly reach out to the  CEO, who will arrange a further investigation which they deem to be appropriate and will respond to the individual within five working days and follow up with results once the results are concluded. 


Please email whistleblowing@theflexigroup.com.


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